Our office completed this high profile, 4-county, publicly bid project that included several business factions within the County. This included the County’s marriage license office, a museum, and several business offices. 

This undertaking of an adaptive reuse had many adjacency issues and complexities that are typically involved with State and local projects, especially those that are historic in nature.

We were selected for this project because of our experience producing feasibility studies and analysis for unique public buildings with critical civil engineering and architectural relationships, and our reputation for producing “on time and under budget” design and drawing documents for historic public design projects. The City’s Redevelopment Agency assisted with on and off site portions of the project.

The adaptive reuse sections of the Old County Courthouse included a basement planned for several offices, and an attic that was to be used for County and theater arts storage.  The “gable end” redesign was an engineering feasibility study, as they had been destroyed in the 1933 earthquake.  A separate project for accessible entries included door and window modifications, and a historic porch/entry restoration.

We prepared a maintenance manual to protect this important cultural monument.

project DETAILS



  • Date of Completion: 1994

  • Location: Santa Ana, CA

  • Client: The County of Orange, EMA/Harbors, Beaches, and Parks

  • Building Area: 800 sq. ft. - three porches

Scope of Work

  • A variety of publicly bid improvements, porch restoration, maintenance manual, and feasibility analysis for replacement of gable ends

Construction Cost

  • $800,000

Team Members

  • Donald Krotee (DKP)

  • Matthew Rogers-Hayward