This project is less than 4 blocks from the proposed M+O site. The above plan for the Phoenix house shows the exact proximity of this site.

The data gathering, base maps, and some community work done for the Phoenix House, less then 12 months old, will be available for OCTA to build upon and will be an advantage not available with any other A/E firm.

The community work done with the City planning agencies was highly specialized due to the existing nature and older buildings on site. Our office was retained due to their public hearing record (121-2) and negotiating experience with the highly political planning process.

project DETAILS



  • Date of Completion: 1997

  • Location: Santa Ana, California

  • Client: Phoenix House Foundation

  • Status: Feasibility Study and Preliminary Planning Concept Complete

Scope of Work

  • Master-planning/feasibility of various growth alternatives; long range planning and feasibility study for land acquisition of site. Investigate possibility for acquiring additional, adjacent land from the County.

Construction Cost

  • N/A

Team Members

  • Donald Krotee (DKP)

  • Matthew Rogers