Newport Heights (Interior)

The residence embodied classic California Victorian influenced wood frame farmhouse. The residence is thought to be one the first structures in Newport Heights having original construction dated from 1912.

The interior kept and reconstructed the Victorian, but simple, window, door and wood base/ trim interior work and mixed this existing motif with very contemporary wall shapes and colors.

A new steel commercial moment frame was placed to a new foundation by crane and the existing wood frame first story and the new addition was then attached to the frame.

DKP developed the design, obtained the permits, selected the contractor and completed the work within a 1-year time frame.

project DETAILS



  • Date of Completion: 1999

  • Location: Newport Heights, California

  • Client: J. Lombardo, Principal, CPS

  • Building Area: Addition of 1,200 sq. ft. (1,000 at second story)

  • Site Area: 0.17 acres

Scope of Work

  • Major two story addition(s) and seismic rehabilitation; home office

Construction Cost

  • $300,000

Team Members

  • Donald Krotee (DKP)

  • Claudia McBain

  • Ken Arthur