The existing home was a typical 1970’s wood-framed ranch house. The existing aluminum sliding doors and windows were replaced with wooden doors and windows.

The owners wanted an addition for their parents that would allow for privacy, but would be adjoined to the existing home. This addition included a cooking and eating area, guest bedroom, laundry, separate parking, and entry.

It was later converted, with little change, into a separate residence as rental property. During this redesign the entire house was re-roofed and repainted.




  • Date of Completion: 2003

  • Location: Tustin California

  • Client: Dave Frost, Frost Construction

  • Building Area: 1,100 sq. ft. addition and 3,700 sq. ft. remodel

  • Site Area: .7 acres

Scope of Work

  • Custom Remodel

Construction Cost

  • $270,000

Team Members

  • Donald Krotee (DKP)

  • Matthew Rogers-Hayward