The concept for this fountain was a lion country underwater theme. It was developed into a plain view mural, with additional murals for interior/exterior walls.

Our office designed full scale drawings with individually colored, custom fired ceramic tiles depicting each of the murals over 1,000 segments.

Mr. Marlo Bartel, an established and well known ceramist from Laguna Beach, hand glazed and fired each individual tile from trace-transferred life size one-to-one drawings, with elevations for each section of the pool. The base tiles were standard re-glazed 4.25” x 4.25” tiles.

project DETAILS



  • Date of Completion: 2000

  • Location: Newport Beach, CA

  • Building Area: 4,000 sq. ft.

  • Site Area: 7’x 25’ Fountain with a Variety of Configurtions

Scope of Work

  • Custom Remodel

Construction Cost

  • N/A

Team Members

  • Donald Krotee (DKP)

  • Claudia McBain

  • Marlo Bartel (K. F. Arthur Construction)

  • Ken Arthur

  • Keech Siriani

  • Aaron Dobson