Our office assisted the Santa Ana Unified School District with its long range feasibility planning and site selection by designing a campus and associated City improvements in a schematic and preliminary design product. The study provided a program with a theoretical modern high school to be placed in the existing site.

The site was shared with a City Regional Park and the joint use of certain City facilities was programmed into the design to accommodate the community and the City, and fulfill the high school function requirements. The design was made to include a continuation high school as well as conventional high school.

The study used each of the square footage areas of a modern high school and configured the shape of the school based on the constraints of the site. Cost estimates were generalized for each schematic design alternative. City maps and existing aerial photographs provided the best base mapping for the site. Our computer software reconfigured the City graphic and CAD database to show the proposal on the existing 200 acre park site.

project DETAILS



  • Date of Completion: 1997

  • Location: Centennial Regional Park–Santa Ana, California

  • Client: Santa Ana Unified School District

  • Status: Feasibility Study Complete; City negotiations ongoing

Scope of Work

  • Master-planning/feasibility study for land acquisition from the City and adjacent user; Investigated joint use of some City and School grounds.

Construction Cost

Team Members

  • Donald Krotee (DKP)