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George Key Ranch House Museum

The County of Orange hired DKP as a historic restoration specialist when they were seeking to repair and restore the original chimneys in the circa 1898 museum. DKP was hired by the County of Orange to repair and restore the original circa-1898 chimneys of the historic George Ranch Key House. Working with our waterproofing specialist, we were able to prepare and process restoration plans for the three original chimneys in the building. Waterproofing has been a primary concern; the situation was sufficiently bad that the county had temporarily sealed off all the flues and hearth openings to prevent water infiltration. The original masonry chimney stacks were structurally reinforced to comply with current seismic codes. The exterior as sealed and protected with a historically sympathetic product and the entire roof surface was replaced.


Restored Fireplace

Date of Completion: 2002
Location: Placentia, California
Scope of Work: Restoration of historic chimneys and waterproofing of building.
Client: County of Orange
Status: Project complete
Team members: (DKP) Donald Krotee, Claudia McBain, Matt Rogers